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Las Vegas Brazilian Waxing - Centennial Hills

Brazilian waxing can evoke feelings of cleanliness and hygiene, by removing unwanted hair. We view it as a form of self-care.

Welcome to our Las Vegas Waxing Boutique

Melting wax preparing for a brazilian wax in las vegas

We are located in the heart of Centennial Hills! Cleanliness and your comfort are our top priorities. We focus on making a clean, cozy, and welcoming space. Helping you feel at ease during your appointment with us is top priority.


Whether it's your first or 100th time, we're here to provide you with a superior waxing experience.

Book your appointment today with one of our experts. 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your bikini or Brazilian appointment:


  1. Let your hair grow for at least 2 ½ - 3 weeks. It needs to be about ¼ inch long. 

  2. Come to your appointment freshly showered if possible. If not, no worries, we provide a wipe to freshen up with! 

  3. Exfoliate a day or two before your appointment. This will help remove any dead skin wrapped around your hairs. 

  4. Avoid caffeine the day of your appointment

  5. Wear loose clothing to put on after your appointment

  6. Optional: Take some tylenol 30 minutes before to help reduce sensitivity


What to do after your appointment


Aftercare is pretty simple! You want to keep the area clean for 24-48 hours.

This includes:

  1. No steam room, sauna, hot tub or swimming pool.

  2. No exercising, sweating or friction in the area.

Bikini/ Brazilian Waxing

Our #1 Body Waxing Service!

The cleanest and most smooth! A Brazilian wax removes unwanted hair from the front, labia & between the butt cheeks. You may leave a landing strip or a triangle if you’d like.

Brazilian Front

Brazilian Front is everything in a brazilian, minus the "butt strip." You may leave a landing strip or a triangle if you’d like.

Bikini Line

Bikini waxing is what is outside of your underwear line.

Body Waxing




Half Arm


Upper arm includes elbows. Lower arm includes elbows, hands & fingers.

Full Arm


Includes hands & fingers

Half Leg


Upper leg includes knees. Lower leg wax includes knees, tops of feet & toes.

Full Leg


Includes tops of feet & toes

Stomach Strip


*add on service

Inner Thigh


*add on service

Men's Waxing

Full Back



Full Back + Shoulders



Ears & Nose






Enhance Your Experience With Our Add On Services

Ingrown Hair Treatment

Add on to Bikini services  $30

Includes a soothing Hydrojelly mask and a high-frequency treatment, specially designed to target ingrown hairs and blemishes in the bikini area.


This non-invasive procedure uses gentle electrical currents to oxygenate the skin, kill bacteria, and promote healing. Say hello to clearer, smoother skin with reduced inflammation and irritation.

Soothing Hydrojelly Mask

Add on to Bikini services  $25

Our soothing hydrojelly mask provides the perfect finishing touch to your Brazilian waxing treatment.


As you relax, your skin will absorb moisture, making you feel refreshed, revitalized, and pampered.

Wine Extract Collagen Eye Mask

Add on to brow services $5

Do your eyes look puffy, tired or have dark circles? These eye masks are the perfect add on to your service.


Eye masks nourish, tighten & revitalize the skin, which brightens around your eyes making you appear more youthful and awake!

Marble Surface


How long does the hair need to be?

You need to wait at least 3 weeks from your last shave or wax. The hair needs to be about 1/4 inch long (the length of a grain of rice).

Does waxing hurt?

The most common fear with waxing!

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Although waxing can feel uncomfortable, it is a quick pull and sting, then it disappears. You are not in constant pain the entire appointment. Most clients say they wish they got it done sooner.


The more you do it, the easier it gets. Once you see the results, you'll forget all about it ;)

What does a brazilian wax include?

A Brazilian includes all the hair in the bikini area, including the labia and between the butt cheeks. You may leave a landing strip or a triangle of hair if you prefer to not be completely bare.

What type of wax do you use at Willow Salon + Brow Artistry?

For our brazilian waxes, we use a combination of soft wax and a premium hypoallergenic hard wax. 

How long does a brazilian appointment take?

We schedule 25 minutes for our Brazilian wax appointments. The actual process takes about 15-20 minutes! The process is pretty quick, but we never want you to feel rushed. 

How long does it last? When will the hair grow back?

You only need to get waxed every 4 weeks! Once a month. You will start seeing hair come back in about 2 weeks, but it will be much softer, finer, and there will be less hair. When you wax, we're pulling the hair from the root so it does not grow back stubbly like it does when you shave. 

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